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Пожертвование – руническая ткань


<имя>, you've been a tremendous contributor to our cloth drive. As we work hard to replenish our reserves, one form of cloth remains critically low - runecloth. We are in absolutely dire need of it, and we hope that you will be able to help us as you have in the past!

If you are willing, please bring me what runecloth you can spare. We'll initially accept a single donation of sixty, and then we'll go from there.
Руническая ткань (60)


Fantastic - these will go right to use, I assure you. Thank you again for your assistance! We'd certainly be lost without you.

With all the donations you've made, I would certainly process any additional runecloth donations you care to make in the future. Just be sure to check in with me, and I'll personally make sure that your good deeds won't go unrecognized!


По окончании задания, получите:
  • 950 опыта (57 на макс. уровне)
  • 350 репутации у Экзодар

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