• Группа: Город Шаттрат


Этот древний орден дренейских жрецов, основанный Веленом, сейчас возглавляет верховная жрица Ишана. Представители Алдоров служат наару в Шаттрате и враждуют с Провидцами.

The Aldor are an ancient order of draenei priests who revere the naaru, and to this day they assist the naaru known as the Sha'tar in their battle against Illidan and the Burning Legion. They are found primarily in Shattrath City and Shadowmoon Valley. Though they have suffered much at the hands of the blood elves who later became the Scryers, they have put aside open warfare for the sake of the Sha'tar. The Aldor's most holy temple lies on the Aldor Rise, overlooking the city from the west.

Most players will start at neutral with the Aldor. Khadgar in Shattrath City will give players an initial quest to become friendly with the Aldor or the Scryers. This choice is reversible if players feel the need. Draenei players will be friendly with the Aldor and hostile with the Scryers, whereas blood elf players will be hostile to the Aldor and friendly to the Scryers.

Quartermaster Endarin and Inscriber Saalyn are located in the Aldor bank on the northern edge of the Terrace of Light. The Shrine of Unending Light on Aldor Rise is home to Asuur <Keeper of Sha'tari Artifacts> and Kelara <Keeper of Sha'tari Heirlooms>, who exchange epic armor tokens for Tier 4 and Tier 5 gear, respectively.

Note: Reputation gains with Aldor correspond with a 10% greater loss of reputation with the Scryers. Most reputation gains with the Aldor will also grant 50% of the reputation gained toward your standing with the Sha'tar.


Until Honored
Players looking to gain the higher reputation ranks (revered, exalted) may wish to save non-repeatable quests until after reaching honored.

Turning in 10 [Mark of Kil'jaeden] to Adyen the Lightwarden in Aldor Rise will grant 250 reputation with Aldor. There is also a repeatable quest for single mark turn-ins which yields 25 rep. These marks drop from low ranking Burning Legion members found in most zones in Outland, including the two camps north of Auchindoun in the Bone Wastes of Terrokar Forest. Approximately 240 marks are required to go from friendly to honored. In addition these quests provide Sha'tar reputation; 125 reputation per 10 or 12.5 reputation per single turn in.

Players who also desire Kurenai or Mag'har reputation may prefer killing orcs at Kil'Sorrow Fortress in southeastern Nagrand, as they yield marks as well as 10 Kurenai or Mag'har reputation per kill.
Until Exalted
Once you reach level 68 you may also turn in [Mark of Sargeras] at the same rates as Marks of Kil'jaeden. These drop from high-ranking followers of the Burning Legion. If you wish, you may turn in the higher level marks before honored reputation. In Blade's Edge Mountains, grinding in Death's Door is the most compact group of mobs that drop marks.
Fel Armaments
[Fel Armament] may be turned in at any time to Ishanah <High Priestess of Aldor> inside the Shrine of Unending Light on the Aldor Rise. This will increase your reputation with Aldor by 350 per hand-in. In addition to reputation gains, you will receive [Holy Dust], which is currency for the purchase of shoulder enchants from Inscriber Saalyn in the Aldor bank.

Switching to Aldor

To change your faction from the Scryers to the Aldor to access their crafting recipes (and undo all reputation progress you have made), find Sha'nir, an Aldor in Lower City. She offers a repeatable quest for 8x [Dreadfang Venom Sac]. Once you are neutral with the Aldor, you may no longer receive this quest.

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